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Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Kiko is a brand that not many people seem to know about. This is mostly due to the fact that they are not stocked in drugstores here in the UK and they only have two shops (Westfield and Regent street, London). They are a sneaky little brand as their prices are completely on point and so is the quality, yet no one seems to know who they are! I would make a point of checking out their website as they constantly have 'sales' or money off products that were pretty cheap in the first place.

Let me give you a whistle stop tour of my faves from Kiko... (keep in mind that I'm yet to try all of their offerings)

This 'Rose Gold' shade of the eyeshadow stick is b.e.autiful, perfect consistency and stays on ALL day/night. This would probably be my highest recommendation of the bunch, choose from a large range of shades here.

Can you believe this red tube of happiness was just £3.70! It was in their special sale section which I believe is still on their website. Have no fear this is not a latex lipstick, it's 'latex-like' but it just has a unique velvety texture. There weren't a huge range of shades but this one screamed Lady Danger by MAC which is a fave of mine and far far cheaper.
Here is it compared to Lady Danger...
As you can see they're almost identical; dupe alert. Plastic Red is definitely thicker and has more of a sheen than Lady Danger (a matte finish). If you were thinking of adding a spring red to your collection then look no further! 

Next up is an eyeshadow, I find that a good eyeshadow is a tell tell sign of a good brand. I can confirm Kiko is looking promising from this shadow alone. A bronzed red, this eyeshadow is very easy to wear and the perfect colour for the green-eyed of you out there as an all-over-the-lid shade. I would recommend using a MAC 217 shadow brush to sweep this across the lid, pair it with a cat eye flick and lashings of black mascara.

Last but not least is the water shadow. This is not a new concept to the market, I have a wonderful 'extra dimension' shadow by MAC in 'Sweet Heat' which is of a similar consistency. If you are not familiar to the water shadow concept, it's a highly pigmented eyeshadow that can be worn in the conventional way or combined with a drop of water to create a paste. This paste-like shadow is what makes the most beautiful 3D texture across the lids. The light catches these shadows in a stunning way making them perfect for an evening out, you'll be twinkling across the dance floor. I am very glad to welcome this intense brown to my water shadow collection, especially as the MAC range was bloomin' limited addition, isn't that always the way! 

Overall Kiko has proved to be a one to watch, stay tuned for more on this surprisingly exciting brand.

Have you tried Kiko before? Any favourites?


  1. I've never tried Kiko before, but I've seen it floating around in the beauty world for a while! I'm definitely gonna head to their website now. Thanks so much for sharing this little hidden gem!
    Rachel @ rachelsaysfabulous xxx