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Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Welcome to SlapBang beauty. Please come in...

Today I shall be laying down the law of keeping commuting essentials classy. As a recent addition to London myself I have finally come to terms with the amount of crap that has to be lugged around every day. 

These are four of the many essentials which I have managed to up the class stakes of recently:

1. The hand sanitiser 
This Cuticura sanitiser is passion flower and mango scented! Mmm I know! Not quite like a body shop butter but it does smell less like bleach than others I have tried. This one is quite big at 100ml but for someone like me it's completely necessary and definitely not too bulky.

2. The Oyster card holder
​As oyster cards are as necessary as oxygen in London, this one is a must. I went for a pretty bold colour not just because orange is a favourite but because finding this bad boy in a big handbag can be a task. Mine is a leather holder with plastic inserts and was bought from the market next to Covent Garden, if this is not in your vicinity then (as always) ebay is your best friend... 

3. The wallet
This beauty of a new addition to my handbag is from Monki no less. A gorgeous shop on Carnaby street in London and all over Europe as well apparently. The wallet is simple and easy to use; with exactly enough space for all my cards and vouchers etc. I would highly recommend this!

4. The watch
​An amazing christmas present from my parents this year, my Sekonda watch has been a dream. The large face and leather strap are a great addition to ANY outfit, I wear mine quite loose with a few bracelets for daytime and on its own at night. For anyone looking for a new watch in this sort of style I would definitely recommend looking in the man's section... Weirdly the whole boyfriend jeans concept apparently carries across nicely to the watch department too! 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and hopefully I have given you that last push to add some class to your daily handbag. 

What are your handbag essentials? Please leave a comment.

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